Hybrid protein for the regeneration of cartilaginous tissue

The world's first drug that regenerates cartilage tissue.

     The proposed fusion protein is tropic to the matrix of cartilage due to the fact that it contains a ligand to the protein MATN1 of the cartilage matrix. The hybrid protein also contains a growth factor and a transferrin fragment for oral delivery. The protein components are connected by flexible bridges, which results on the independent functioning of each component of the protein. The advantage of using the proposed by the authors hybrid protein is simplifying the treatment of cartilage damage. Cartilage regeneration occurs due to targeted delivery of the hybrid protein to the cartilaginous tissue, as well as stimulation of cell growth due to the presence of the growth factor in the composition of the hybrid protein.

    The invention received prizes at international exhibitions of inventions and innovative technologies «Archimedes» and «New time»

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