Quick recovery after sports trainings

   Creatine-Depo provides an enhanced effect of creatine for regeneration of nervous tissue, normalization of cerebral circulation, recovery after sports training.

   The invention relates to the pharmaceutical chemistry, namely, to substances with new biological activeties. Creatine-Depo is the proposed new molecule. Creatine-Depo has the activity of creatine, while it has greater bioavailability, efficacy, and high stability. Usage of the invention enhances the effect of creatine, including the regeneration of the nervous tissue and the normalization of the blood supply to the brain, recovery after sports training with a significant reduction in the dose of the substance used. In addition, Creatine-Depo has a nootropic effect, and can also be used for the prevention and therapy of cardiac extrasystoles.

   The invention received prizes at international exhibitions of inventions and innovative technologies «Archimede» and «New time» 

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