The analgesic agent based on plasmid DNA

A unique analgesic with a prolonged action.  
Has no analogues in the world.

   The analgesic agent has potent, prolonged action without side effects and addiction. It has not a narcotic mechanism of action and efficacy comparable to morphine. 
   The invention relates to the medicine and biotechnology and can be used for analgesia. The analgesic agent is based on plasmid DNA for transient expression in mammalian cells. Plasmid DNA contains a polynucleotide encoding human alpha defensin HNP-1, HNP-2 or HNP-3 codonally optimized for expression in mammalian cells. The invention is highly effective, has a prolonged action, which reduces the risk of overdose, does not have serious side effects, is not addictive. Application of the invention will allow to broaden the spectrum of analgesics, increase the duration and safety of analgesia.  

   The invention received prizes at international exhibitions of inventions and innovative technologies «Archimedes» and «New time»

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